Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lots of runners started.

With the success of the Samsung Running Festival from 2005 in Taipei, and continued with the image of charity, Samsung Electronics donated 100 PDA phones to Chinese National Association of the Deaf, R.O.C., Taiwan. (CNAD) and CNAD elected “Taiwan Top 10 Outstanding Deaf Occupational Excellence” delegates to receive this donation in the 3rd Taipei Samsung Running Festival.

Charity Donation Ceremony.

“Earlier in 2006, Samsung donated lots of funds to help the process of 2009 Summer Deaflympics in Taipei. In this meaningful activity, I’m appreciated with the donation from Samsung who helped lots of deaf people in Taiwan with a good enterprise image. I hope Samsung can still promote the charity in Taiwan.” Jiong-huang Yang (Chairman of CNAD) said at the Donation Ceremony.

“Based on a concern with an enterprise of ‘What’s taken from the people is used for the people’, Samsung imported this running activity and donated with charity activity in Taiwan. I hope this event will close on people in Taiwan.” Kuen-Hee Park (Greater China Area Chairman of Samsung Eletronics) remarked at Opening Ceremony.

Nearly the start at 7:00 a.m. (Taipei Time), more than 30,000 runners were ready to start. To prevent the starting and route problem, the organizer Chinese Taipei Road Running Association set up the controlling line at the start line and it took a good effect with the start controlling.

Th “Ape Show” Live Contest.

After the running activity, Samsung Electronics held lots of performances such as kids’ street dancing, taekwondo skills by Taipei Physical Education College, CTITV Live Contest of “Ape Show” Program, and a small concert of CTV “One Million Star” entertainers. And National Palace Museum also invited runners visiting the NPM with dressing official “Taipei Samsung Running Festival” T-shirt after all the programs ended.

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