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Are you considering construction in Boulder? The city of Boulder, Colorado is a very beautiful place that is located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains it is considered the place to be if you live in Colorado. Having the highest rankings in health, education, quality of life and art, environmental concerns could not be left behind. The location of this city gives you an idea of how a correct and proper growth management should be kept. Boulder is surrounded by mountains, wildlife and nature.

Concerns about the impact that the city would have on the environment goes way back in its history. However, the first serious attempt to slow growth came with a city-charter amendment in 1959, which restricted the public water service to altitudes below 5,750 feet in order to preserve the mountains natural environment. In 1970, a carefully planned program was approved. It was supposed to dictate future zoning, transportation and urban planning decisions. A Historic Preservation Code as well as a residential growth management ordinance were passed in the mid 70 s, trying to control the urban expansion. Most of these measures were direct proposals of its citizens.


Today, the City of Boulder has government branches that are in charge of building codes, permits, eco-friendly construction programs and much more. The purpose of all these departments, associations and ordinances is to ensure the preservation of the environment by a careful regulation of urban growth. It is very impressive how Boulder and its citizens have acted almost naturally without any kind of pressure from the exterior and many decades before today s environmental conditions were well known. Such vision and organization over the years have made Boulder a beautiful city having an amazing relationship with nature.

When it comes to construction in Boulder, you need to take into account all the terms and conditions that the City government asks for general contractors, as well as the necessary building codes and zoning programs. It may be difficult to begin a construction business here, as a result of all the high standards that the government and the population itself will ask you. However, once established with the right credentials you can be assured that your clients will be satisfied with the services you provide.

One non-profit association in particular has a lot of support from businesses and government alike. It is the Boulder Green Building Guild (BGBG). It is an organization of building professionals with a common mission: using eco-friendly technologies from beginning to end within their construction processes. BGBG offers a wide variety of learning programs so that all construction businesses will be able to learn more about affordable, easy to use green technologies, giving their clients energy efficient projects.

Boulder should be taken as a clear example of a responsible community committing themselves with a responsible urban expansion. They have achieved a passive blending with nature. While doing this, they have even improved their way of life, leaving behind an important lesson for all of us: responsible construction in Boulder is not impossible.

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