By Penny Lane

We all know what it is like to have a bad tooth which gives us a lot of pain. Sometimes the only option is to get it taken out, but this is not the end of the story these days since there is so much that can be done to put back something which looks like the real thing. More and more dentists are undergoing dental implant training so that they can offer this service to their clients and it is becoming a popular trend for sure. Implant surgery training is offered by qualified institutes to show the dentist exactly how it is done and, since this is a full blown operation, it surely must be important for dentists to qualify in this procedure before they start to offer the service.

We are all used to getting fillings and crowns etc which shore up our teeth so that we can use them for many more years. However, with this new procedure we can actually replace teeth which were taken out completely. The dentist will be required to undergo exams etc but once he is proficient in this kind of procedure, it is a very lucrative service to offer clients. What happens in this procedure is that a titanium post is sunk into the jawbone itself. Of course, the gums will be pierced and this is where the surgical aspect of the procedure comes into play. A temporary tooth is placed on top of the post for a while until everything settles down. Gums may have stitches which need to heal and the post will have to settle into the bone too. However, when this is all set, a permanent tooth is put on the post and no one will be able to tell the difference.


The courses on offer by institutes are meant to take in generic and science based aspects of this kind of procedure. In fact, its aim is to train dentists to the highest level so that they can offer this service with confidence to their clients. Most of the course will be fronted by well known instructors in the field which will surely bring more confidence to the practitioner when he takes on his own clients.

The idea is, of course, to get the best practice at this kind of procedure so that patients can feel relaxed when they visit their dentist. This would not happen if the practitioner could not wield his new found skills with confidence and flair. Indeed, if he is hesitant with his work, the patient may even decide to go elsewhere for this work to be done so undertaking a great course is a must.

These courses are available in several centers of excellence across Canada and North America and should be investigated thoroughly before the dentist decides which course is best for him. Courses are done all around the country too so there will be no need to travel great distances for sure. The institute will supply the course in different cities countrywide so this makes it easier to train participants anywhere.

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