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With gas prices reaching new heights, it’s about time to start saving money on your utilities. Wouldn’t it be nice if your monthly electric use was free? It can be if you switch to a solar photovoltaic system. In addition to your negligible power bill, you’ll also give the planet a helping hand by reducing greenhouse gases.

What Makes Solar Attractive to Homeowners?

1. There are many reasons people are turning to solar photovoltaic systems for their domestic power supply. Here are a few.

2. Solar PV systems have a minuscule impact on the environment because the power is so clean. It does not cause air pollution, noise or noxious waste.

3. As we use more solar power, we rely less on fossil fuels. That makes our nation more self-sufficient.

4. Solar power generates jobs and income

In 2007, there were over 2,826 megawatts generated by PV installations globally. That represents an increase of over 1,000 megawatts from 2006.

How Does It Benefit States?


State leaders know a good thing when they see it. Solar photovoltaic systems reward states so much that most state governments offer special incentives to homeowners who install the systems. A few of the advantages of solar power for states are:

1. Cleaner air nationwide

2. The creation of additional jobs.

3. An economic boost.

4. Energy independence.

5. Stable prices.

A reduction in the need for expensive, polluting power plants.

To encourage the installation of cost-prohibitive PV or solar hot water systems, states are offering assistance to their citizens. Incentives include grants, tax credits, rebates, loans and property tax exemptions. Some states also offer free solar installation training and certification.

Why Should You Switch to Solar?

Photovoltaic systems capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. Most homeowners can produce all or a large portion of their daily power needs with a solar PV system installed on their roof. Excess power gathered during the daytime is saved for when the sun isn’t available, such as nighttime and rainy days. Any extra power that you need would be drawn from your local electric company.

Using solar PV reduces your need for power during periods of peak use. That helps everybody on the power grid. Air conditioning in the dog days of summer can severely strain power plants and cause brownouts or rolling blackouts. Homeowners can provide extra power to the grid to help others cool their homes without taxing the state’s power resources.

Here’s a list of the benefits of using solar photovoltaic systems for homeowners.

1. Solar PV and solar water heating systems can reduce your power bill significantly. In some cases, it can be completely eliminated.

2. The energy you generate is reliable and renewable.

3. Solar power reduces the need for imported fossil fuels.

4. Solar PV systems provide a fixed energy cost.

5. Local jobs are created by solar systems.

6. Solar systems provide extra energy for the local power grid.

With so many advantages, more homeowners will opt for these systems in the near future. They’re good for the economy, the environment and the wallet.

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