By Adriana Noton

Many women take for granted that getting breast implants is an actual surgical procedure. The term ‘cosmetic’ may lure them into a false idea of what cosmetic surgery is and what it can do. There is for example, the idea that getting breast surgery is simple and that the recovery process will be a cakewalk.

While breast surgery may not be as difficult as, say, rehabilitating from hip replacement surgery, a breast enhancement operation is just that: an operation. It will have some inherent risks as well as a somewhat lengthy recovery time. That said, a woman who receives breast implants can do a lot to speed along her own recovery.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Post surgery, patients are often wheeled into a hospital room where they are monitored until they awaken and are fully alert. Depending on how the surgery went, you may stay there for 24 hours or less. If an infection develops, the stay could be longer until the condition abates.


Recipients of breast implants may find that they are wearing a compression garment around their upper torso when they awake. They will also be swollen and bruised and feel a bit of pain. This is natural and more often than not, the pain is managed via medication.

A spouse or responsible adult will later drive you home from the hospital. This is true in all instances, as clinics will not release patients who do not have someone available to get them safely to their homes.

In Home Care

Once home, the woman will need to take care of herself and her newly acquired breast implants. More often than not she’ll have received a list of instructions from the doctor that would include how to take care of sutures and/or stitches and how to dress any wounds.

Wearing a compression garment or binding the breasts down with bandages is a very important aspect of in home after care. Doing this helps minimize pain or problems with the incisions by keeping breasts in one place so they don’t jostle around.

The doctor will also suggest putting hot and cold compresses in swollen areas for 48 hours to limit bruising and swelling. There will also be a surgical drain at the incision site to keep fluid build up from occurring. Depending on how well the operation went you could have the drain for a few days or a few weeks. Consistently emptying the bulb-like extension of the drain of its collected fluids will go a long way in aiding recuperative efforts, especially if you remain vigilant.

Keeping the incision site dry and clean will also help speed along recovery. Incisions should stay primarily bandaged and free of lotions and creams as well, as this can reduce risk of painful inflammation.

An Ounce of Prevention

By maintaining a proper in-home ritual, any woman who has breast surgery can spring back quickly from her breast enhancement surgery. Just be sure to ask questions regarding your after treatment role and the steps necessary to ensure a great outcome. In this way, you will become your own health advocate and the responsibility for your recovery and well being will remain in your own hands!

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